Monday, June 14, 2021

Textile Surface Design on Vogue 1784

I'm continuing to use the fabrics I printed last time.  Every part of this process makes me happy, from printing to finished garment.  I love figuring out where to use the various pieces of cloth.  

Each piece is designed to have several elements so that one piece of cloth looks like you are using more fabrics than you actually use.  I've been studying with Pat Pauly for the last couple years, love her techniques.

Here I used three different fabrics, but it appears there are many more.  And it's stretching me to put fabrics together I wouldn't have tried before.

This last printing session I used more blue than I usually wear.  But I think combined with black and red (it reads pink when I screened it lighter) will make me pull it out of the closet more often.

This, again, is Marcy Tilton's pattern, V1784.  Third time I've made it.  This time I simplified the collar by omitting one pattern piece...after all, it normally used 5!  And I added a cuff in a different fabric.

It took me quite a while to figure out where all the fabrics would light since they were all very different.  

Stay tuned, the fun continues now that I've learned how to use Photoshop Elements to replicate pieces of cloth for Spoonflower.  I took a 3 month Pixeladies class online and boy are they great teachers. 

 I combined 3 different pieces of cloth to create the image below.

But mostly I've used one piece of cloth and worked on it in PTE to make a repeatable pattern.

I've printed three different fabrics so far.  I'm happy with all of them but the last one I got up the nerve to ordered enough fabric to make a tunic.  It was the first time I ordered Spoonflower's Cotton Spandex Jersey and I like it. Next time I'll try the Modern Jersey.

I've also tried their Signature Petal Cotton but it's a bit too heavy for my needs.  Wish they carried a lighter weight cotton.  I'm researching other companies that print on demand, there are several now.

California opens up tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to going into our local fabric store, Hart's Fabric without a mask!  If you haven't checked out their online store you need to.  They have so many great fabrics.  We're so lucky, here in Santa Cruz County, to have such a good fabric store.

That's all till I take pics of the tunic I made from the jersey.  I'm off to Diane Ericson's Design Outside The Lines in Ashland!  I'm so excited.  She is hosting Amy Nguyen, a textile and garment designer I've wanted to study with for years.

Thanks for dropping by!