Sunday, March 8, 2015

Puyallup, Seattle and Bugs

I went up to Puyallup last weekend for the Sewing Expo.  I wasn't going to go but when I heard Marcy Tilton say she might not attend the show in the future I booked my flight.  Didn't want to miss what might be her last fashion show and incredible booth.

She and her sister, Katherine Tilton, hold court in their booth all weekend.  It's the place to be if you want to see all of your DOL sewing pals, plus many you've never actually met before.  After attending a DOL...that's Design Outside The Lines; a sewing design retreat... you are included in an email group so I've been reading emails from women I've never known in person.  But sure 'nuf many of them were at the booth!  Really fun.

My good friend Sharon, another DOL gal, picked me up at the Seattle airport and we dashed to the show to catch Marcy and Katherine's incredible fashion show.  You can see the garments on Marcy's blog if you go to her website and click on her blog.

The show was such a shot in the arm.  I didn't realize I needed it but after the first show (we saw it twice!) I wanted to go straight home and start sewing.  It has wonderful pieces, designed for my style plus they share so many insights into fashion, sewing and design during the show; what a treat.

We spent two days at the expo, Sharon bought a new Bernina!  That was fun, I always love to be with someone who buys something I would love to have!  And we bought way to much fabric from Marcy.  I need to sew down my existing stash, not buy more!  But her selection is always too tempting.

Katherine (left) and Marcy Tilton (right) enthrall the audience at their fashion show.

I wore this new coat dress.  It's a self drafted pattern from a garment I love.  I got the fabric two years ago in Ashland at Fabric of Vision while attending a DOL.  I couldn't figure out what to do with it and finally, out of desperation, I cut this.  Glad it worked.

After two days at the expo Sharon brought me back to Seattle where she lives.  We then proceeded to burn up that town for two days visiting food and fabric shops, thank goodness we have the same passions.  These flower arrangements were gracing London Plane, a bakery/take out/restaurant.  There were about twenty of them on a huge worktable.  They just blew our minds!  Spring has sprung in at least some places.

Sharon in a moment of contemplation at one of my favorite places to eat in Seattle, Bar Sajor .  We had a lovely meal.

Thank you, Sharon, for such a wonderful time in your city, I love Seattle.

The doorway at Bar Sajor.

And here here's the bug part of the post.  These were my first attempt at making beetles from the DOL in Santa Barbara last month.  Karen Nicol, the textile artist from London, taught us how to make freestanding elements for garments.  I'm not 100% satisfied with these but they were my first try.  I have dreams of making a beetle dress like the one I pinned on my Pinterest "insect" board, check it out.