Friday, May 21, 2021

Marcy Tilton V1784 Tunic

First, the bad news.  Blogger has decided not to allow RSS feeds and email notifications for blogs anymore.  I guess that means readers would have to remember to visit blogs...or, I need to find another way to let you know I've posted.

Hmmm....not sure how to proceed.  If any of you have figured out what to do next please advise!  I'll keep looking for ways to let you know I've posted.  Also, I'd love to know how you see my blog.  Do you get it in your mail inbox, on Bloglovin', some other way?  Thanks for the help, any help will help!

Now on to what I've been making.  There are several things I've completed, and lots of fabric has been screen printed.  But those will be posted in a week or so.

This post is about Marcy Tilton's tunic pattern, Vogue 1784.

This is a fun make.  Super easy and wears very comfortably.  I would make it one size smaller next time (and there will be a next time), it's roomy.  The lines are flattering and the details are fun.  There's a pleat in both the right front and center back that bring a lot of movement to the garment.

Asymmetrical hems also give it a lot of visual counterpoint to the bottom of the tunic.

I love the collar, it's fun,  not difficult to construct and can be altered in several ways by either stitching parts of it together...or not.

I made it in Marcy's stretch cotton shirting which is sold out with the exception of a lovely lavender and white stripe.  It is indeed a beautiful fabric, as are all of her fabrics.

It's a spirit-lifting, sunny morning here on the Central Coast of California and I intend to sew today, after doing a deep dive into our collection of books...trying to cull, organize, and make sense of it.  Ongoing...