Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Demise of This Blog-and new Instagram Account

 Well, the signs have been there for a couple years now.  Slowly, blogging has become harder and harder.  All kind of troubles and costs have befallen this blog and honesty I just don't find myself drawn to communicating on such an extensive level about my sewing projects anymore.

I love sharing with all of you and I am so grateful that you've tuned in.  I now have about 1900 followers on my Constant Contact list.  But CC has become super expensive and charged me almost $500 to renew this coming year...and they did it automatically with NO notice thank-you-very-much.  And I can't get them to answer the phone or email me.  Really frustrating.  So I'm disputing the charge and stopping that mail service.

So....I have decided to start an Instagram account using @gayleygirlsews to report on my sewing/dyeing and other creative projects.  I hope you will swing over and follow me there.  I think it will be much easier to post on that platform and, hopefully, I'll do it more often!

Here's a photo of a recent make.  It's a pair of pants I copied from a ready to wear garment.  Balloon pants with big pockets...yes, right up my alley.

Hope to see you over @gayleygirlsews on Instagram soon!  And thank you for following me, our conversations back and forth over the years have been wonderful.  But hey, that's another reason to stop this format, I'm no longer able to answer your comments, something that really frustrated me.

Blogger and Constant Contact, take notice.