Sunday, March 10, 2019

My Responses Are Not Being Published

Hi Friends,

I just realized that my replies to your comments have not been published in the last month or so!  My apologies if you have commented and I have not responded.

I've been on several chat boards, looked on the Blogger Q and A's, spent the last two days trying things but nothing works.

I'm also not being signed in automatically when I open my blog like I've always been and I get a "Whoops something happened" alert after clicking "Sign In".  It signs me in after I delete that window tho...

If any of you have had this trouble with Blogger and resolved it can you let me know?

Thanks so much,


PS, that sweet owl is another Ann Wood pattern.  My first but not my last owl!

Friday, March 8, 2019

LA Fabric and Clothing Sale

I was in LA for a few days.  I went down just to catch the closing sale of Claudia Grau, a designer I've followed for many years.
She had a store on Melrose in the 80's, then moved to Crossroads of the World on Sunset for many years.
She is an amazing designer, always working on new ideas from eco printed cashmeres to one of a kind fabulous textile clothing.
Her email said there would be fabric (!) and trims for sale, too.  I had to go.  And I wasn't sorry.  I arrived on a rainy Wednesday morning and was greeted warmly by Claudia.  I spent two hours in her studio/shop finding the most amazing collection of fabrics, trims and buttons.
I'm writing this post to say that if you are anywhere in the LA area over the next month you should stop by and see what she is offering.  Prices are incredible and the selection is so interesting!

Here's the info...

March 6th-30th
Wednesday-Saturday ONLY 
6671 Sunset Blvd. Suite 1517
Hollywood, CA 90028
A peak of the clothing for sale.

So many pieces!

The haul...

Textured knits, the red one over-dyed by Claudia

Beautiful trims.  Claudia said she has had the fabric on the right since she was a child!  We collectors start early.

Vintage Irish linen.  No, it wasn't $10 but worth every penny.

Thai silks.


Various smaller cuts.

Italian stretch with sequins (so gorgeous, the photo doesn't do it justice!)

And Claudia, such a sweet woman!

Go if you're in the area and tell her Gayle said hi!  And a big thanks to my husband, Joe, for schlepping wasn't light!