Thursday, June 3, 2021

Surface Design on V1274 Tunic

First, a bit of housekeeping.  As I mentioned last post, Blogger will not be allowing you to follow me by email, using their Feedburner link, after July.  So, I'm switching to Constant Contact as of this post.

If you follow this blog by email there is nothing you need to do.  You will continue to get this blog in your inbox, but it will be under the name gayleygirl and will be provided by Constant Contact instead of Feedburner.  In the email, there will be a clickable link to the post, just as before.

I have already sent out an announcement email to those of you who subscribe that way, letting you know of this change.  Hang in there with me while we see how this change shakes out.  I think it will work smoothly.

So, on to what's new.

My continuing obsession with surface design has been a life saver during COVID.  I took another 5 day class with Pat Pauly and continued printing for the following two weeks.

I produced a heck of a lot of cloth, got some new inspiration and tried a couple different techniques.  Here is a tunic made with Vogue 1274, one of my tried and true patterns.

Instead of screen printing I tried hand painting.  This is a beautiful Egyptian Cotton I got from Emma One Sock.  I can't fault the fabric, the dyes or anything other than my technique for the less than desirable outcome.  I'm not totally displeased with this but I sure learned a lot...mostly what not to do.

I was unhappy enough with the original design that I decided to add a block print I made last year.  It's the long black vertical lines of different circle shapes.  Think it helps a lot and I like the idea of mixing techniques.

I added a collar detail with a raw edged piece of lightweight cotton stripe and used the perfect buttons from my stash.  Yes, for once I actually had the right button for the job.

I have several new things to show you and will be posting more frequently, I hope.  Future subjects will include;
  •  the Photoshop Elements classes I took over the winter with the Pixeladies and the images of my fabric I am creating in Photoshop and sending to Spoonflower to print
  • my new career as a hat maker, having been taught by a wonderful Santa Fe hat maker how to replicate a straw visor I got in Tokyo 
  • more clothes I've been making and a tunic I made using block prints, sashiko/boro techniques with vintage Japanese textiles.  
Now that things are opening up I'm re-inspired to start sewing clothes again.  I'm actually wearing makeup and dressing up again.

Enjoy this spring, we deserve it!