Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Two Marcy Tilton Patterns

I have been making a lot of comfy clothes lately.  What I'm wearing most days.  This one is Marcy 
Tilton's  V1768.  It's fairly figure hugging but I like it a lot and I think it would look great on a lot of figures.

I love the asymmetrical neckline.  I've pinned the lapels down to see if I like them flat but I think I like the way they stand up in the pattern photo better.  I'd love to figure out how to get a pocket in this thing tho.

The back has a great detail that could be used in other garments.  I used two different sweatshirt fabrics since I didn't have enough of either one.  All raw edges, the fraying adds texture.  I'll make this again for sure.

This one is Marcy's V1694.  I'll be making this often, too.  I'm sorry I made it in such a hard fabric to see the details!  I got this fabric at my local fabric shop, Hart's Fabrics.  

Check out the pattern, the details are fantastic.

Another asymmetrical neckline.  I like the way it looks on, very flattering.  I wrapped the neck facing around to the outside, will do that again.

Always love these built in pockets, they're fun to make and feel really comfy.

Again, I'm sorry for the fabric choice.  The details in the back are great.  Trust me.  Get this pattern!

OK, now for the rant about Vogue Patterns.  Yeah, I know they're now calling themselves Something Delightful.  What a crock.  This new name feels demeaning somehow.  Why change a name everyone knows and loves?  It's just one of many company decisions I think are unwise, if not downright stupid.

Another one that particularly irks me?  They now minimize the designer's name.  Don't they realize that many of us buy these patterns BECAUSE OF THE DESIGNER?  Are you listening Vogue (no, I will not call you by your new name...ever!)?  

What the hell?  These designers have been part of the success of this company for decades.  Why disrespect them now?  What could have gone into THAT company decision.  And who is making these decisions?  Must be people who think women wear mostly dresses...and dresses with big puffy sleeves?  Get real.  Take a look at the indy pattern companies that are doing so well right now, Vogue!  You need someone under 50 with influence in your company!

I buy Marcy and Katherine Tilton patterns, period.  And I want to see their names in BIG BOLD LETTERING on your website and on the pattern envelope to know that your company values it's designers.  And BTW, change your name back, it's not too late!