Monday, May 4, 2015

Flounce Vest #2

I'm loving this self drafted pattern.  This vest is very wearable...meaning I'm wearing it twice or three times a week right now!

The fabric is a textural woven from Japan (I believe).  A friend gave it to me after I saw Sham's jacket made with the same fabric.  Japanese textiles make everything look good!

I'm still loving the pocket.  I use pockets all the time instead of a purse.  But,  I'll have to curb my habit of walking around with my hands in my pockets because I just heard that those of us older than 60 shouldn't walk with their hands in their pockets.  The doctor who leads our local brain trauma clinic says that he sees 10 cases a month (!) having to do with people who fell while their hands were in their pockets!  Yikes!

On a happier's what Joe and I had for dinner last night.  We cooked together!

Halibut and shrimp roasted in parchment with thyme, green olives and lemon; oven roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and celery salad with parmesan and Pepitas.  Life is good.