Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Dress For Summer...

I almost forgot that I made this dress!  It was about a month ago during a mini heat wave we had here on California's Central Coast.
That was the last time we had any heat or sun.  I've been wearing my winter wardrobe ever since.  Not that I mind, it's my favorite type of clothing.

The pattern is Marcy Tilton's  Little French Housedress.  I think I've made 4 or 5.  I wear them with leggings.  The fabric is from Marcy's collection.  It's a lightweight linen with a very pronounced print...yes, I'm still trying to work through all those prints I bought.

This was difficult to lay out.  I couldn't figure out how the print should be placed.  In the end I had just enough fabric to make it work this way...and only this way.  Took at least twice as long to lay out as it did to sew it!

I'm working on several jewelry projects and have drafted a tunic from a ready-to-wear garment that I've made a wearable muslin from.  I've just gotta get them photographed and then I'll show you.

Until then, sew on!