Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Printed Cashmere and Trouble With Blogger

Hi everyone,
Truthfully, I'd blog more often but Blogger makes it SO difficult to respond to questions I hesitate to write a post.  At this point, everything I did to resolve that issue is not working and I can't respond to the lovely Gill who asked about the pattern paper I use.

Thank you, Gill.  Here's the answer.  The bridal isle runner paper I've used, Suresta, is no longer available on Amazon so I've gotten another brand.  It's working fine as well.  It does not usually need ironing like traditional pattern tissue so I don't have to iron very often.  But I have ironed it and it's fine. I'd make sure my iron isn't too hot first!

Reluctantly, I'm going to turn off comments on this blog.   I don't want to do it but I see no other way to move forward.  Maybe it will encourage me to post more often!

In the meantime, here's a shawl I made with more of the printed cashmere I talked about a couple posts ago.  I really like the shawl better than the sweater I made with the other pieces so I've cut that up and am making another shawl!

And here's a shot I worked on in the app, Waterlogue.  Super fun app!

Love to all, sorry we won't be chatting in the future but please keep showing up!!