Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Happy Accidents, Serendipitous Slips, Marvelous Mistakes...

I don't know where my head was when I cut out my #4 version of Marcy Tilton's V9171 "lantern" tunic.  I think I wanted to have enough fabric so badly that I tricked myself into thinking I only had to cut one front/side piece.  Not.  It wasn't until I tried to sew both pockets into one piece of cloth and scratched my head that I figured it out.  (I hear you laughing, Marcy!).

At first I freaked out because I've been holding this fabric from Marcy for months.  It is exactly the kind of fabric I want to work with and wear.  Seems a bit Japanese to me with lots of texture and some give.

I started riffling through the meager scraps I had and miraculously turned up enough to cut most of what I needed, only needing to piece at the shoulders and one place on the bodice.  Well, in fact, I think it turned out more interesting than if I had just sewn the darned thing as is.  What a lesson.

I decided to make the most of it, hoping to make it look on purpose, by inserting a strip of fabric in the seams.

I initially cut this pattern a bit too large for me so I usually just take more of a seam allowance in the center front seam.  This time I used the selvage, another happy accident, and overlapped it.  I added a button at the top to make it appear as if it opens.

I purposely made the added seam strips a bit uneven, wabi-sabi style.  This is what I love about sewing my own clothes, making these design decisions as I go feels so RIGHT!

I blogged about this denim vest before but I don't seem to wear it.  Thinking about cutting the shoulders back a bit, racer-style, thinking it might make it a bit more flattering.  And also thinking about cutting off the bottom band to make it really cropped.

By doing that I think it might look good with this tunic.  Still pondering this possibility.  Suggestions??

For those who didn't see the original blog about the vest the front has black vintage buttons sewn at the neck and the back is woven denim, a la the fall 2016 Viktor and Rolf collection that I just can't get enough of.