Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Shirt

I've been wanting to try Marcy Tilton's new shirt pattern V9089.  I'm not big on shirts but I love the lines on this one and the shape works for me.

I bought the fabric for this shirt at Stitchin Post in Sisters, Oregon a month ago.  I think it's an Indian cotton with semi-transparent dots throughout.

It's the kind of fabric that is meant to be washed and not ironed.  The dots are slightly puffed or textured and ironing would flatten the fabric which is not the intent, in my opinion. And keep in mind, my dress form is a little, uh hum, smaller, than me so I fill it out more!

I still have to content myself with a somewhat funky look which comes off a bit better in person than in these photos.

I wore it the other day and got lots of compliments so I think it's a keeper.  I'd like to make one in black and another in white.  I'm getting into the shirt mood!

This fabric is a bit thick and a little "sticky", for lack of a better word, so I thought the double pocket  in the pattern would be too bulky.   I used single layer pocket from another of Marcy's patterns you see above which works out well.  The other thing I like about this type of pocket is that it is slightly forward of the side seem, making it easier to get my hand into.

You might want to try this pattern, it's fun, just the right amount of sewing, surely not simple but absolutely do-able in two days of sewing.

I'm also thinking lightweight jacket...