Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fun New Vest (yes, another vest)

Sorry it's been so long, sometimes getting into the sewing studio is just not in the cards.  Seems I've been doing some sewing lately but it's mostly hats for sale and working on future patterns.

One exciting thing I'm working on is a long range project.  I've decided to do a French jacket after the designer who's name shall not be spoken.  I was drawn into the idea by Patty Van Dorin in her Rambling Rose blog entitled French Punk.  She made the cutest patchwork French jacket that hooked me in one second.  You should follow her blog, it's terrific!

Making these jackets is a commitment because you have to fit the pattern, make a muslin, fit the muslin then make the jacket.  They say it's about 70+ hours.  Fine with me.  I'll just do it over several months.  I"m not really interested in doing a jacket like the originals, very formal and not suited to me or my lifestyle.  I am, however, very excited about building fabric from treasured scraps.  I've done the tissue fitting and will cut the muslin today.  I'll keep you posted.

I've also made a couple simple tunics from my existing pattern stock.  I'll take photos today and show you soon.  

Here you see a vest, like so many others, the pattern for which I got from a DOL sister.  It's a self drafted pattern so I'm sorry, it's not available, she isn't a pattern designer, per se.  This is my first attempt at the pattern.  Next time I'll make it a bit longer and give it more shaping at the waist.  I'll also work on matching the exposed seams at the side seams.  Love the exposed seams, I'd like to find some acid washed sweatshirt fabric to use next time.  Anyone have a source for that?

This version is made from a Marcy Tilton double sided heavy French terry, sort of a sweatshirt knit.  It's soft, very comfy and I wear it a lot over tunics.