Saturday, February 8, 2014

Field Trip!

A few sewing pals met up last month to hit the San Jose area for a few sewing/design highlights.

First, we visited Fabrics R Us.  It's a whacky, stuffed to the rafters store with everything from Ice Capades costume fabric to cowboy flannels.  Needles to say, we found stuff we couldn't live without.

Here's a trunkload, just a few.

Here's a mermaid piece that Lisa found she couldn't live without.

And then, we all found this cool "Vegan Leather"...yeah, that's the new name for pleather!  Cut out, black, yep!  And on the way to the checkout we found this black garter strip.  I've decided I'm coming back as a dominatrix.  We'll see what everyone does with this stuff.

Then we ate, gotta eat!  Landed at a wonderful downtown Vietnamese restaurant named Vung Tau.  I highly recommend it.

After that we visited the San Jose Textile Museum for it's new show on the history of Wearable Art.  It's worth seeing.  Here are a few photos from the show.

Mandala-like sculptures by Isaac Amala and Liz Simpson made out of ties.

Here's Lisa enjoying a huge tent made of ties by the same artists.  Just amazing.

Another wall sculpture.

Copper wire knit into long garment sculptures by Laura Raboff.  The lighting created the most magical shadows that reminded me of the Ruth Asawa corridor at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco.

THEN, we just hadn't had enough so we went up to Mountain View to FabMo for a one day sale of 100+ bolts of designer fabrics.  We had to wait in line for about an hour.  We waited behind this cool gal.

She and her friend were dressed in their own creations that were mesmerizing.  We all had a blast.  Found lots of fabric at $1-3 a yard!  Even though we entered the warehouse about two hours after the sale opened we still found some great stuff.

I bought 5 yards of a green wool to make a Chanel-style altered jacket.  Will try to figure out how to make it look French while still looking edgy.

It was the best day.  Hanging out with my sewing design pals eating-looking-buying.  Doesn't get any better than that!

More posts to come soon.  I just returned from DOL Santa Barabara with Diane Ericson and Kay Khan.  Inspiring and productive, as always.  So that will be one post.  Another will be on some necklaces I've been making lately.  Talk to you soon!