Friday, September 20, 2013

Sunday Fun

I usually go to the bunkhouse on Sunday morning and listen to my favorite radio programs.  Foremost of which is Prairie Home Companion.  It's sort of my church.

Church used to be the flea market but when I turned 60 I just didn't need all that stuff anymore.  So now I make stuff on Sundays.

I was fishing around for something to make last Sunday.  I wasn't in the mood to create something 'big'.  I wasn't in the mood to make a basic wardrobe staple, which is usually my fall-back when I'm just not motivated.

I don't know why but I looked inside a cupboard I don't usually go to and bam, there it was.  A huge sack of garment labels I've been hoarding for years.  I take a LOT of labels out of clothes because I remake so many of them AND I rip them out of everything I wear because they're itchy.  I've always wanted to make something with them but never struck on the right idea.  Then, the right idea.

So I dumped out the bagful of labels and started sorting.  I wanted to use my favorites because who knows if I'll ever do something with the rest of them.  I had a blast.  So much fun looking at all of these labels.  Old ones, ones I've never seen before, don't know how they got in there.  But all of my favorite designers from Pringle through Dress To Kill!

You know you're doing the right thing when it all comes together easily.  And this project did.  It practically made itself.

I used a black dupioni for the base.  That's what I use on the collars I make.  Then I "shingled" the labels from bottom to top, making sure I didn't cover up any of the really cool ones.

I love it.  I might never wear it but who cares.  It will live in my studio and make me smile every time I lay my eyes on it.  Joe calls it a chicken.  He said, "There's chickens and then there's eggs.  You keep the chickens!"

I used a vintage button from my mom's collection.  I'm pretty sure it's jet.  

Everything we make should be this easy.  After I finished about two hours!...I started a simple black tunic...a wardrobe staple...I'm back in the saddle!


  1. This is adorable! Even if never worn it will be a fantastic addition to your sewing studio.


  2. What a fun idea....I'd never have thought to save sewing labels, but you knew they'd be good for something other than scratching the back of your neck! I hope you do find an occasion to wear it at least once so more people can enjoy seeing it.

  3. FABULOUS !! I've been wondering for years why I collect labels....not sure what I could use them for. Your idea is the best!

  4. Love your expression of memory. The collar is just right project. Hope you do wear it someday, striking with your black tunic! Thanks for the post.


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