Saturday, May 4, 2013

Started with a favorite old tshirt

This is another garment I made after Diane Ericson's class on "making" your own fabric out of thrift clothes, favorite oldies and scraps of fabric.

I loved this top but it was too small.  I paired it with a black tshirt I had silkscreened at the 2012 Taos DOL.  I didn't like it all over one tshirt so I cut it up and have been using the parts.  The orange is a lightweight knit.  I needed to beef it up a bit to match the other fabrics so I sewed pin tucks which gave it some heft.  I like the lines, too.

The black drape cowl collar doesn't show up in the photo but it adds a little something to make this more than just a tshirt.  I needed to do something, it was just too low as it was.