Sunday, June 2, 2013

Remade Cashmere Sweaters-New Crop

I sell my remade cashmere sweaters at Many Hands Gallery next to the bakery.  Lauren, the owner, called and said she was out so I made the three that you see here.

 This one was fun.  It's such beautiful weather I wanted to make something that was light and whimsical.  The green was a poncho I overdyed.  These colors remind me of Mexico...or a gypsy caravan.

 This purple one was made from some over dyed cashmere pieces I did earlier in the year.
 I made this little pin to go on the sweater.  It's got a vintage button with a horse on it.  I'm starting to use the little precious bits I've been saving all these years.  For what?  I'm using this stuff up!  Sooner rather than later.  If I don't someone else will and where's the fun in that?
This sweater was made of three different red ones. A lot of people must have bought red cashmeres many years ago because there are a lot of them out there!   It started it's life two years ago as a hideous Christmas remake.  What was I thinking?  I hated it so much I tore everything off and started again.  It took me 8 hours to rip off all of the embellishments but it was my penance for making such an ugly thing in the first place.
Now, it has a new life with beautiful vintage kimono pieces.  I mixed them with other vintage textiles and little circles of cashmere sewn on kantha cloth style.  Now I'm happy.


  1. These are great. I especially love the purple and that pin.

  2. Your sweaters are fabulous. You have given me inspiration for doing something with my sweaters with holes. How do you sew the seams? I don't have a serger so i am not sure how to do this. Your pin is just such a special touch.
    Mary Helen

  3. Thank you Mary Helen,
    Although I do use a serger on some seams, mostly when I actually make a new pattern and sew the side seams, shoulder seams, etc., I use a zig zag or straight stitch or even and "S" stitch to join sweaters. Just play and you'll find your way. Have fun!


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