Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cashmere Scarves

In addition to remaking cashmere sweaters into new designs I love using my scraps to make these scarves.  There's nothing like a little cashmere around the neck, eh?

 Here are two scarves wound together.
 Detail of one scarf
And here's a new design I'm working on for next fall.  I love the lines, they are more bold and, in my mind more modern than my previous scarves which were a bit too "cute" for my taste today.


  1. It looks like you tried different methods for the seams. What did you change and how do you like the results?

  2. Yes, I've tried several ways. Really what I want is a flat lock machine but I don't have the room or the skill to operate the big commercial ones and they don't make them for home use yet.

    The older scarves were made using an overlapped seam that was either zigzagged or I used the "S" stitch. The newer one on the bottom is flat seams and then I trimmed the seam allowance. I like this look and will use it again. I think it adds volume to the scarf and visual interest. Thanks for the comment! See you soon.

    1. What about a coverstitch machine? I briefly had one but realized I wouldn't use it enough to justify the space that I didn't really have to share with it so I returned it. I'd have had to take it in and out of the cupboard and that's not me. BUT... it would do a nice seam in this case. I do think however - LOL - that not having a specific machine that does just one stitch makes us think more creatively about how and in how many ways could I do what I want to do and that's always good for the brain.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much. If you look on my latest post you can see what I've been making now. Eco printed scarves, very exciting.


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