Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Painted Canvas Purses

I tried a new purse/bag pattern from Paradiso Designs.  It's called the Urbanista Hobo bag.  I saw it at the Puyallup Expo a couple of years ago and bought the pattern.

Made it from some painted canvas I did this spring from the Graffiti Chic online class by Alisa Burke.

The pattern instructions were a bit hard to follow but I managed to get it done.  Made one fatal mistake, I put the handle cutouts going in the wrong direction.  Could have screamed...oh, I did scream.  But, like some mistakes, nobody will notice except me.

I bought some cool burgundy snakeskin pleather fabric for the bottom and strap.  Oy, my first run-in with pleather.  May be my last.  But, I learned how to work with it...on the last seam!


  1. Looks great. Love those colours.

  2. Thanks, Myrna. See you soon! I'm bringing the purse to DOL!


    1. Yeah - I was hoping you were. I'm packing today, leaving in the morning, meandering my way down the I5, staying overnight in Oregon City. See you Sunday.

  3. The info you wanted is... Settings... Posts & Comments... Only Members. Since you're the only one, that eliminates the rest. Hope that helps.


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