Sunday, June 12, 2016

This week's wrap up

I've been making some pretty simple tshirts for an upcoming trip and decided to try something a bit more challenging.  I'd seen Nancy Murakami wearing Vogue 9174 in Marcy Tilton's Puyallup booth this last March. Hers was a crisp white version. You can see it and another gal's version in this blog post by Marcy Tilton.  
I had a great time making this.  The instructions are very good and it went together easily.  It takes a bit of time to cut out and make since most of the pattern pieces are cut single layer but I think it's worth it.  I made the shorter version because I didn't have enough fabric to make the longer version.  I didn't add the second, standup collar for the same reason.  I goofed on reading the pattern pieces and made the fronts and back different lengths.  BUT, it worked and I like the irregular lengths.

The fabric is an Indian cotton (I believe) that I got in Marcy's booth.

I love the angled buttonholes.  I've been wanting to use this design detail for a long time.  I first saw it  on a shirt made by Katharine Tilton.  The buttons were purchased at DressSew, a wonderful fabric and craft store in Vancouver, BC.  It's a wild place but the prices are incredible.  These buttons were 2 for 25 cents Canadian, which is 25% less in US dollars!

I also did some red stitching at the hem and sleeves.  

I'd like to make a white one for the trip but I'm running out of time!

Here's a fun little bag.  I found the pattern at Hart's Fabrics in Santa Cruz.  I ran into a friend, Leslie, who used to work there, and she told me how fun it was to make so I grabbed it.  Turns out it was the perfect thing to bring to a Quilt Away I attended in Oregon last month.

I used several pieces of vintage kimono silk that I purchased in Tokyo a few years back.  They were my favorite pieces (and I got a lot of pieces!) so wanted to use them for something special.

This was like a big rubik's cube to make but as Lesley told me, "Just follow the directions one step at a time and don't think too much!"  It worked.

Here's the front of the pattern.

And here's where you can buy it online.  Or, Hart's will sell it to you online,  I'm pretty sure.

And finally, I thought you might like to see these adorable dog cookies my head baker, Teal, made for yesterday's opening of Capitola's new dog park .  Aren't they adorable?  Teal is amazing!


  1. You always make such interesting things. It's the little different touches like the angled buttonholes that inspire us sewists. Thanks for sharing. Karen

  2. Always inspiring. Thanks.
    Vancouver Barbara

  3. The bit of red stitching you included is so effective, and the angled buttonholes are wonderful. Those cookies are so cool!

  4. A great go-to shirt! Glad you got to investigate Dressew while you were visiting. I love any excuse to play in their buttons!

  5. Love your new shirt - funnily enough refound this pattern when I was sorting my overwhelmingly large pattern collection. Those doggie biscuits are too cute.

  6. What a great shirt, Gayle! I also love the angled, red buttonholes. Those dog cookies are adorable!

  7. Wonderful shirt!
    I may be mistaken but I think that the cotton is an embossed cotton from Diamond Textiles. They are one of my favorite fabrics. If you page down just a bit beyond the flower embossed you will see a black that looks like your shirt....also the green from another of your makes that I have admired.

    Thanks for sharing your sewing skills and amazing sense of style!

  8. Love the red buttons and stitching. And the dog biscuits, so cute.

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  10. Cool stuff Gayle. The red buttonholes are great.

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