Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Sewing

It's been gloriously rainy here on the Central Coast of California for about a week now.  And I took advantage of it to stay in the bunkhouse and sew, sew, sew!

First, I finished a coat I started last winter.  It's Marcy Tilton's coat pattern V9070 which I think may be out of print.

I got this fabric several years ago from Marcy and have been trying to figure out what to make with it ever since.  It's a reddish brown raincoat type fabric with copper threads running through it so it keeps it's shape, whatever shape you put it in!  

I love it but not sure how often I will wear it.  It's really dramatic so I can see wearing it out at night.  I'm not sure how rain resistant it is but will give it a try soon.  

I had a devil of a time with the button holes.  I think this is the most test buttonholes I've ever done, by far.  I had to do them manually since the buttons were too big to use the automatic buttonhole attachment on my Bernina 560.  Finally got 'em!

This tunic is another Marcy pattern that I loved making and really think is flattering.  I did take it in a bit in the back since my back measurements are so much smaller than my, eh-hum, front.

The fabric is a very lightweight knit from Marcy.

I'll make it again, next time in a fabric that shows the beautiful lines a bit more.

One of the most fun sewing projects in a long time is this Katherine Tilton top.  I thought it might not be flattering on me but was I wrong.  Although it's gathered it really doesn't have a lot of bulk.  I made it out of fleece so it's my new sweatshirt. I have an orange Italian fleece that's next up.

I thought about leaving off the hood but I'm glad I didn't.  I think it really brings a lot to the design.

AND, it goes with my new tunic!  Yep, they're both winners!


  1. Love them all but especially the tunic!

  2. I think you and I and Margy are the only ones in the sewing universe who have actually used that Marcy Tilton coat pattern.

    I made mine out of reversible denim (light gray and dark gray) shot with mylar, and I love it. I get tons of compliments when I wear it, including from Marci herself at last year's Expo.

    I told Marci that Vogue owed her one, because their horrible photo in the catalogue and on the pattern envelope makes the coat look like an ugly sack, which I think turned off a lot of folks. Luckily, I saw it live, in the Expo fashion show two years ago, and its potential was apparent.

    Enjoy your beautiful coat!

  3. You've been very productive. I love all of the garments, but the burgundy topper coat is an absolute winner. I'm lucky to have an old Italian buttonholer who does all my large buttonholes and any really heavy fabrics. Mick, you must never retire!!

  4. What a productive time you've been having in the rain! I love all the results.

  5. Beautiful sewing and great results. I don't sew much any more but don't think I would even consider making the coat or putting in a zip that long.

  6. All wonderful garments. You are making me feel quite inspired. Time to go stash diving.

  7. Is the Marcy Tunic V9130? All your makes look really great and I love to sew Marcy's patterns too, but I haven't as yet bought this one.

  8. Wow, all gorgeous, Gayle, but especially that raincoat!!

  9. I love everything but the coat is fabulous.

  10. That cost turned out fabulously, can't wait to see it in person. I've been considering that other jacket, and now seeing it made, love it. Everything you sew just seems to come out wonderful. I'm inspired to sew some more things for me. Right after this show...

  11. great garments. look forward to meeting you in santa barbara.

  12. All three of these are great makes. I have the tunic tissue ready to go and I hope to cut it out this coming week. I love the subtle print you chose. And both jackets are wonderful. I think the one with the hood is the one I'd be grabbing on my way out the door. Thanks for all the inspiration.


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