Sunday, April 12, 2015

Oh Look! A Vest!

This vest was self drafted.  The fabric is from Marcy Tilton.  It's one of the pieces I got up at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup especially for this vest.  It worked out really well.  It's a ribbed cotton knit. I like the weight and drape.

And, as I was saying last post, it has the right kind of print for me.  Nothing that draws the eye away from the lines of the vest but not a solid either.  This is the kind of print I'll be looking for in the future.

I have no idea why these two photos came out looking so different.  I took them at the same time, in the same light.  

I'm in the process of making the second vest.  I've cut the collar down a bit.  This first collar wasn't interfaced...bad on it flops down.  Actually, it's not that bad.  If it stood up it would bug me anyway.

I love the free-hanging pocket.  It doesn't really show from this photo but it's only attached from the top.

I'm off to the studio for my Sunday church service...Prairie Home Companion!


  1. oh Gayle what a sweet vest! Great overall silhouette, flattering and practical collar (protection against those foggy tendrils), and the pockets rock! Wonderful fabric indeed - i have to choose my prints carefully as well, i just keep repeating 'low contrast, low contrast, low contrast..." ;)

    Here's a video explaining your photo issue:

    I short, your camera is looking at the entire picture frame and choosing an exposure which will result in an 18% grey average over the entire picture space. Most of the time this works out okay, as in your top photo which has more white background than the detail shot. But as you can see when the majority of the picture you are exposing is very dark, this will result in an overexposed picture. The camera is overcompensating.

    One easy cheat is to just include more light colored background in your shot, then crop it out of the photo later.

    Just remember this next time you find yourself thinking 'the camera does not lie'! ;) Have fun in the studio today - i can't get over how cute this vest is! I want to see you model it! steph

  2. another article with good info, though it is kind of long:

  3. Gayle, your vest is really fab. I love the buttons on the top of the pocket!!

  4. Very cool vest indeed! The pockets are perfect and I love the fabric. I'm not a big print fan but abstract low-contrast prints are definitely the way to go.

  5. It is so you. That is, unique, classic, and chic all at once. I love your vests, Gayle!

  6. I like your pocket idea. Your vest looks very fashionable and fun to be able to wear.

  7. I like the pocket idea too. The fabric is great.


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