Sunday, February 22, 2015

Still Workin' The Kantha

I can't get enough of the kantha calls to me from my stash.  For this necklace I used three templates I made from a Tagua nut necklace I purchases at Tessuti Zoo in Pacific Grove, CA.

I've made other necklaces using this shape because I think it's bold without being overpowering.  

I cut out two different pieces of kantha for each pattern piece so it is reversible.  I kept the edges unfinished; I still love that look.  The other side has lots of dark colors that didn't show up well in the photos so I didn't include them.  

I sandwiched iron on stabilizer between the layers and used a running stitch with buttonhole thread to  sew them together.  Then I simply tied them together with the thread.  It makes the whole thing as light as a feather.

While in Santa Barbara last month I visited Random.  It's a shop that buys all kinds of stuff from furniture to plumbing supplies.   They always have something that will be useful in sewing/making/constructing.  My sewing pal, Janet, found these oval copper jewelry findings that I used as the connectors.  Then I used an old eyeglasses cord made from kimono silk for around the neck.

I love to use what I have in my stash, it gives me more creative power than merely buying more stuff.


  1. Really really nice piece Gayle! Staying with the kantha cloth and the same shape and stitches on all the 'doughnuts' brings a nice, calming cohesion to the whole necklace even while it's full of just about every color imaginable! Nicely done :)

    And thank you for the fantastic pics and words on the DOL retreat! First things first, that Ventana pattern is killer on you (and i love that wrought iron stencil as well). Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

    I'd never heard of Karen Nichols before, flat out stunned. Looking at artists' sketchbooks (for want of a better word) is one of my favorite activities ever, talk about a once in a lifetime experience. Wow!

    Take care and enjoy these beautiful 'spring' days we're having...and try not to think about shower rationing in the summer if we don't get more precip ;) steph

  2. That is just too much fun, Gayle! And what a bonus that it is feather light!

  3. Gayle, Thanks for yet another "I must do that!" inspiration.


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