Sunday, December 28, 2014

Vest #7,452

I'll write a quick post while my studio warms up this morning...I went over to start work and it was 42 degrees; a bit cold for this California girl!

I couldn't wait to start Katherine Tilton's latest pattern.  I think it is meant to be either a sleeveless dress or a vest.

I always like to see how a pattern works and fits before I use any of my favorite fabrics so for this one I used some old upholstery fabric I've had for years.  I had it thrown over our couch, shielding the it from the treacherous claws of our old cat, Natty.  This fabric took one for the team, for sure.  It's worn and a bit frayed but useable.

The fabric is so heavy it's more like a coat dress with no sleeves.  But now I know that I love the pattern.  Katherine hit one out of the park AGAIN!  It's so sculptural which is what I love most about it.

I did have to cut the collar down a lot and take more tucks and darts since it's such thick fabric but it turned out fine.

I'll wear it over all black so the black buttonholes and buttons were my choice.

The weight of the fabric really shows off the silhouette nicely.  This was fun to make and the instructions were perfect.

Since the fabric was so heavy I substituted seam binding for the armhole facing.  Check out this package!  It was either my mother's or my Grandmother's.  I felt a bit guilty opening it but my new motto is, "Somebody, someday is going to use this, it might as well be me!".


  1. It does look really sculptural. And great colour!

  2. Gayle, I am so excited to see this pattern made up. I cannot wait to try it now that I've read your review. It's amazing how nicely the heavy fabric works. Does the hem end above the knees?

  3. I agree, Gayle, that looks very promising!!

  4. Love your interpretation of this pattern. BTW did you see the upcycle article in Threads magazine? It really made me think of your fantastic "shirt recycle" creations.

  5. Wow! I didn't get this pattern yet because I thought it looked too voluminous but yours, even in heavier fabric, looks perfectly in proportion. Nice recycling job!

  6. Oh, this does have a great silhouette. I love the color!


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