Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Cashmere

Here are a few more items I've made for Many Hands.

This sweater was made from several over-dyed cashmeres.  I still love the drapy look because it's so attractive on so many figures.

 Back view

I forgot to take photos of this scarf and sweater while they were in my studio so I took them at Many Hands.  Sorry, not great photos but since I started this blog to document what I've made I wanted to get them in here!

Another scarf that didn't get shot in studio.  There's nothing like cashmere around your neck on a cold day!


  1. Gorgeous !!! So Creative - Love love love...

  2. That jacket is gorgeous, Gayle, the way it's overdyed that lucious green color. And that scarf? WANT.

  3. oh, oh, oh - cashmere and dreamy color. Great design too.

  4. Gayle
    I love your sweater creations. Can you tell me what dye you use? I've got some yardage I'd love to dye.
    Thanks so much


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