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  1. Hi Gayle,

    I loved your rant, and I LOVED your clothes in this blog post! Esp. the ones made from fabrics you built in Pat Pauly's classes. You said that when you use these patterns, it's great because there's almost no waste at all. So if there's only a little bit of waste (from fabric you made at Pat's), what do you do with it? I make fiber art using fused pieces of fabric...and I'm talking small...even down to 1/2" x 1". I love fabric like the stuff you made via Pat's workshops, and I cannot make it at home would you be willing to sell me some of those scraps? I'd pay for them plus shipping. If you are only trashing them, I could give them a new life. Worth a try? Anything left from the great fab you made for "Color Tunic Galore"?


  2. Hi Marya,

    Yes, I would welcome a chance to find my smaller pieces a good home where they would be used. How would you like to connect?


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